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Have fun making beautiful fabric boxes at the National Cartonnage Day

Imagine yourself having SO much fun using your favorite fabrics in a different way.... making beautiful and sturdy fabric boxes with NO-SEW required! 

This is Cartonnage  - "the art of box making" and you are invited to join us for the celebration of the National Cartonnage Day on September 18, 2021. 

I'm Claudia Squio, cartonnage designer and teacher and founder of ColorWay Arts, and I love sharing my passion of making boxes with lots of lots of fabric lovers around the World! 

The FREE online event happening on September 18, has been planned to be a great day full of fun "gluing fabric" and making wonderful projects! 


More than making boxes, with Cartonnage we can make many other projects, like covers for journals, for books, notepads, sewing kits and the list goes on. All of them having lots of fun, using simple materials and with no-sewing required! 

Click here for more information and register for the FREE online event National Cartonnage Day at home

This event was created with the intention of bringing the positivity and the Joy of Cartonnage into more lives, into more homes and make great connections while thousands of fabric lovers will be having fun gluing fabric at the same day, at the same time! More than ever our World needs good energy and we can do it, right?

Ok, so, let me give you some details for that day. I designed a new organizer for this event, BUT, you don't need to make it. I have many other options you can choose, from a simple bookmark to the beautiful double organizer with handle, including a variety of different DIY kits available for great other boxes and covers. 

Let's get inspired seeing some options now:

1) The small composition book cover: this is easy and quick to make, and I will show you in many details in our Live video starting at 10am (EST) on the Cartonnage Day - if you can't be live no worries, you can watch the replay and a pre-recorded video for this project. As this is a small cover we will be REUSING CEREAL BOXES! Get prepared!


2) The fabric Single box: this one is a basic box to get started in Cartonnage. If you haven't made any box yet, I recommend you to start with this one! During the Cartonnage Day you will be able to follow the tutorial and make it, but you don't need to wait for the National Cartonnage Day for this, click here for a BLOG POST that you can follow and make it today. 



3) The Desktop organizer: this is the box designed for this event! A great one to organize your sewing notions, stationery, craft supplies and much more..... also it's a box made in a different way, so even if you are making boxes for a long time you will be surprised by the construction of this box.... if you are beginner, you will also love making this box, it's easier than you may imagine! Tutorial will be available on September 18, and when registering for the event, you will have access for 2 weeks, so plenty of time to make many of this box. Another great feature of this box, is that you can make 2 or 3 and combine them together to have a bigger organizer. That's how I use in my craft table and love it so much! 

Click here to register for the FREE online National Cartonnage Day at home


4) The double organizer with handle: this is one extra box that I designed for this event, with the idea of giving you extra fun while raising money in a fundraiser to help "Charlotte school", that is a school for kids and adults with special needs in Brazil,  that we help with our Cartonnage Club. When you choose to be a VIP you will not only help the school, but also learn how to make the amazing double organizer with handle and you will be able to keep all the tutorials of the projects you see in the picture below for life...yes, you read right, you can continue having fun making these projects for a long time!

Click here for more info and to join the VIP for the event.


Now, if you want to have fun gluing on the Cartonnage Day, but don't want to make any of the projects I showed so far... that's OK, you can follow my other tutorials and DIY kits and join us as well. Again, does not matter what project you will be making, what matters is that you HAVE FUN GLUING!

So, here are some other projects you can make:

1) Follow my FREE online Courses and make any of the projects included - simple projects, most of them reusing cereal boxes

Click here to find the FREE online course Joy of Cartonnage:


Click here to find the FREE online mini class Have fun gluing fabric:


2) You can also start from any of the DIY kits available that have all the paper pieces already pre-cut and instructions that you can find in the website (most of the kits have instructions for everyone, but make sure to read the description, some of them are for members of the Club only). 

Click here to find options of DIY kits to start from:


As you could see, there are many possibilities for Cartonnage projects and let me tell you that there is LOTS OF FUN to make any of them, so, choose your preferred one and join us for the National Cartonnage Day at home on September 18, 2021.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  even tough is a FREE event, you have to register to receive all the agenda, materials, supply list and important links to participate in the event! And if you are a member of the Club you don't need to register, you will have all the tutorials in your members area!

Invite your friends to participate too! It will be a great time!

Click here to register for the National Cartonnage Day at home

I hope to see you on September 18, 2021! 

Happy gluing!!

Much love,


3 Responses


October 29, 2021

Hi Claudia,
I am so looking forward to tomorrow. It is going to be a fantastic day !

Beverley Potter

September 13, 2021

Really looking forward to this event Claudia. It is going to be fun.


September 13, 2021

Claudia, I just LOVE how you are featuring several different types of projects for Cartonnage day!!! It gives everyone a chance to make something wonderful, even if they are new to cartonnage.

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