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The Program

Our program has two levels: Basic and Certified

With our improved program, if your shop wants to sell our products or if you have experience making our cartonnage projects as a student or consumer you have now a list of basic projects that you can teach to your group of friends or as an official class, without the need of being a certified teacher.

Then, after you teach a few classes, if you enjoy the process and if you decide to expand the possibilities, offer more unique classes then you can join our certified program and start getting the benefits from that.

Wholesale - Basic Level

This level includes basic projects and tools with either written tutorials or videos available in our website that can be accessed after purchasing the kits. Our website also has many video tutorials to help improving cartonnage skills. So, this is the perfect way to get started, offering basic products to your shop customers, or have fun teaching friends and feeling if teaching is for you or not.

  • Wholesale orders are available for shops and other related craft business or           members of the Cartonnage Club with business. Club members that are not            business can also teach and order using member's bulk discount instead of              wholesale.
  • For this level there isn't a requirement for certified teacher.
  • Shops/customers with business that want to sell our products will need to contact us on our website to create a wholesale/teacher account with us.
  • Click here to see tools and DIY kits   that are part of our Basic Level program. 
  • Wholesale order - minimum quantity of 15 items (can be combined) - get 47% off of the price you will see in the page above.
    (Non-business club members can order minimum 6 items and get 15% off)

Wholesale & Classes - Certified Level

This is for shops or students/customers  that want  to expand the possibilities and unlock more projects, selling/teaching a variety of  products available for this level. A certified teacher is required for this - so a shop staff can become certified or maybe there is already a certified teacher in the area that could be the solution.  The certification is a self-paced process using our products and following our tutorials, with aditional notes and  approval meeting.

To be part of this level it is required  that the teacher be part of our Cartonnage Club (this is the only fee required to be a certified teacher). The club provides opportunities to be more connected with the technique, improve skills, engage with our community, receive news about upcoming projects and events, and to receive the benefits of this program.

All products available at this level have either written or video tutorials available. 

Click here to see tools and DIY kits  that are part of our Certified Level program.

Wholesale order - minimum quantity of 15 items (can be combined) - get 47% off of the price you will see in the page above.

Non-business club members teachers - minimum quantity of 10 items (can be combined) - get 25% off


Certified Level Details

If you would like to become a 'preferred shop' or 'certified instructor' to teach ColorWay Arts projects and be listed on our website here are more details: 

  • Intermediate skill level as a cartonnage maker - self learned from our video/written instructions or Club members projects
  • Desired teaching experience of at least 2 classes of the basic level projects of our program and or other crafting classes - very recommended to make sure teaching is for you!

Steps to complete certification:

  • Practice cartonnage skills using our DIY kits as a student/customer proved by contacting us and uploading pictures of at least 5 fully finished projects included in our Certified level program.
  • Complete our online teaching course: this course is a shop/teaching suggestions, including my tips of teaching successful cartonnage classes, most common issues you may find in your classes and how to solve them, how to prepare for a class, materials for teachers and supply lists for students, and everything else you need to get started with your teaching process.
  • Being a current paid annual member of the Cartonnage Club or join us with that plan and keep the membership for as long as want to keep teaching  - read next session to see the benefits as you can wave the fee with  your rewards
  • Participate in a group Zoom meeting for approving teachers, showing projects and notes that demonstrate the interest and the skills to be able to teach successful classes

Benefits of becoming a ColorWay Arts certified instructor /shop

  • Wholesale price for purchasing  ColorWay Arts tools and DIY kits listed for this level of program.
  • If it's a non-business club member approved as a teacher, then get special teachers' price for classes of the projects included in this level.
  • Listing on the ColorWay Arts website as a preferred shop/certified instructor.
  • Professional support via email and group Zoom calls.
  • Opportunity to receive special earnings for referral sales - that can be used for personal discounts in our shop or towards the Cartonnage Club fee. Teachers get a unique code to pass to  their students, when they make purchases in our shop, teacher gets rewarded. Plus,  10% of the total annual orders placed for the teaching purposes by the teacher or the shop where she is teaching  will be refunded from the Cartonnage Club membership fee paid annualy. 

Are you interested?

Go to the "Contact Us" page of our website, contact us answering these questions:

  • Your name and where you are located
  • Are you from a shop that wants to sell our products or a customer/student that wants to be a teacher?
  • Do you want to start in the Basic Level, or do you already have experience with cartonnage and teaching and want to go to the Certified Level?
  • If you are planning to start with the certified level, are you a Club member? If you already have pictures of your projects, you can upload now or do it later.
  • Do you already have a place in mind for teaching? When are you expecting to start teaching?

The final steps:

Based on your information, we will contact you back with next steps, that will include:

  • Send us tax information for wholesale account (if applicable)
  • Create a new account in our shop (if needed)
  • Send us pictures of projects, and proof of teaching for the Certified level.
  • Enrollment in the Cartonnage Club for certified level (if not a current member)
  • Enrollment in the Online cartonnage teaching course (certified level)
  • Schedule to be part of a group Zoom call for approval (for teachers)
  • Information for purchasing DIY kits and tools for classes.
  • Adding name to our website.
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Benefits of Cartonnage



Every Cartonnage project is more than just a box!
It's a piece of love, memories, and an expression of your affection.



New students don't have to have any special skills to start a new project. We welcome crafters of all types! There is NO-SEWING required.

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Cartonnage is an amazing technique known as the "art of box making" and it is SO fun and relaxing.