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Bring in the positivity of crafting into your life and share more Joy with the World while having fun gluing!

DAY at home - 2021

Get your hands on glue and feel the Joy of connecting with your inner child, feel happy and relaxed while making unique fabric projects that are easy and quick to make and are wonderful handmade gifts. Hint: start making family gifts ahead of holidays using your favorite fabrics with no-sewing required!

Join me and lots of fabric lovers in celebration of the National Cartonnage Day.  

Lots of fun gluing is one click away!  Join us below

Be inspired to start making unique Handmade gifts!

Let's celebrate the National Cartonnage Day while having so much fun and experiencing the Joy of having our hands on glue creating wonderful functional projects and be inspired to make so beautiful handmade gifts from now on using our favorite fabrics with no-sewing required.

To make cartonnage projects, you can start from the scratch, or from DIY kits that are sold separately at ColorWay Arts website (very recommended).

First of all....What is cartonnage?

Cartonnage is "the art of box making" - a traditional technique of making cardboard boxes covered in fabric or paper and was originated in France long time ago! 

With cartonnage we can make amazing boxes and other projects and what you will learn in this event with Claudia from ColorWay Arts, is a "Brazilian" variation of the original method.... lots of fun for sure! No-sewing required, join us to see how to use Elmer's Glue and make wonderful gifts!


Online - in the comfort of your home!
September 18, 2021 starting at 10:00am (EST).
It's a full day of fun - only part of the event is LIVE, so you can enjoy the day on your time - register for the full agenda and more details!

Do you want more? There is also a VIP access available - Unique opportunity to  go ahead and make the (double) desktop organizer with handles and carry everywhere WHILE helping those in need:

 If you want to make more, create a double fabric organizer to carry around with your tools or supplies, then you have the choice to join us in the VIP experience and have a full access to the online course that will show you in many details how to make it! 
This online course, available only with VIP access (purchase separately),  will also include the tutorials of the Free event, so you can keep it for life, all in one place.
Also, when joining the VIP access you will be helping a school for kids and adults with special needs in Brazil called "Escola Charlotte"70% of the money from the VIP access will be donated to this school, so from ColorWay Arts and Bernadete (the founder of the school), our sincere THANK you!  At ColorWay Arts through the Cartonnage Club, we have been helping this important non-profit organization and now you can help with this great cause too. 

You can start from the scratch, or from DIY kits that are sold separately at ColorWay Arts website.


Nice to meet you - I'm Claudia Squio

I've been designing and making cartonnage boxes and other projects for a while, and it feels like forever! I'm the author of the Book Cartonnage Basics & Beyond - the complete guide for fabric box making.

I have a real passion for crafts, especially fabric related, I love the texture, the combinations, but I was never good at sewing (don't tell anyone!), so I found gluing fabric relaxing and wonderful. And, most of all, I LOVE teaching and sharing this amazing technique with thousands of fabric/paper lovers through my local and online classes and my Cartonnage Club.

I'm a Brazilian-American living in Michigan with my wonderful supportive family - husband and two kids. 

Can't wait to see you on September 18! Register to be part of this FREE event :

This event is FREE, but if you want to learn more, make the double organizer with handle, keep the course for life and help others, you can also have the VIP access.  


Be part of this FUN! Fill the info below to save your FREE spot for National Cartonnage Day at home.

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