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A guide to get the best of online Cartonnage courses and make wonderful boxes and other projects

Cartonnage is a great technique to make fabric/paper covered boxes and so many more projects using cardboard, fabric/paper and glue. It's so fun to make and there is no-sewing required. I'm Claudia Squio and I have been teaching this technique for a while in local classes and through my online school where I have free classes that you can join to have a taste of what wonderful this craft is! And I also have paid courses, more complete, that are now all inside a "membership" program called Joyful Cartonnage Club, where all members have unlimited access to all the courses that are already available and also to new courses that are coming soon and more content that will be added in the future.

The are lots of content inside the membership area, lots of complete video tutorials, printable instructions, templates, everything comes with dimensions, so members can cut their own cardboard and start from the scratch or, if prefer, some of the projects have also an option of buying DIY kits (with special discounts for members) and start from there.

I was reviewing all the content inside of the courses and noticed that will be important to make a "guide" for members and that could also help those interested in joining to know what to expect and where to start!

So, here is a short review with pictures of projects that you will make in each of the online courses that are part of the membership area:

Making reusable fabric journal cover - in this course you will learn how to make a reusable fabric journal cover of any size, and will see how to add embellishments and personalize it. Complete video tutorials and printable instructions to have so much fun making journal covers.

TIP: if you are a beginner, that's a great course to start with! Lots of possibilities to personalize the project. It's one of my student's favorite last minute gift!

Making Fabric Traveler's Notebook (TNs): in case you missed my TN week sometime ago, all the videos are inside this course, so you will start from the scratch and make unique Fabric Traveler's Notebook that are so functional. Hundreds of students are having fun and making theirs, so unique. New video just added to this course showing how to make round spine TNs, even more unique!

TIP: also a great project for beginners and for all fabric lovers. Adding embellishments, using as a planner, lots of options......

Now, let's start talking about Boxes, there are several courses for that:

Making cartonnage fabric boxes - this is a great place to start making hinged lidded boxes! All the basics of the process and more..... this course was updated showing in details how to make one unique fabric jewelry box with an unique and very well finished ring holder and adding ribbon to the box. You will also learn how to make dividers and these boxes are great gifts! Can be used as Tea boxes, for sewing notions, and for so many more options.

TIP: this is a great beginner course for box making. In this course you will also learn how to make the box the size you want!! From the scratch, have one idea and design the hinged lid box that will be perfect for what you need.


Making a fabric treasure box - this box is a treasure! And it's so fun to make, to add different embellishments, with or without dividers, with or without closure, with knobs, with charms....well, planning how to make this box is already a pleasure. Complete video tutorials including printable instructions.

TIP: maybe do not start right away with this one, making a simple hinged lid box from the course above first, will give you more confidence to make this one here.


Making a Fabric Folding box - absolutely fun project to make! Surprise boxes are a pleasure to make and a great handmade gift! With this course you will make not only the Fabric folding box, but you will also make another surprise box that is also known as a "explosion box" or "Etuy box". Complete video tutorials to make the folding box and as a bonus the eBook Surprise boxes when following the detailed step by step picture instructions you will also make the other box. Start from the scratch or from DIY kits, is also fun to make and give away!

TIP: that's a wonderful gift! I didn't count how many I made already and sold for people giving as special handmade gifts..... think about that! Easy projects, you can start with these ones if you want it!


Making paper covered boxes: although I mostly cover my boxes with fabric I do like to have fun sometimes and make them covered in paper! What you will see in this course are different ways of planning and making your projects covered in paper the way that you will have a great finishing and your pieces will be sturdy and durable! As I like to say, there is no right and wrong here, there are personal preferences and this is the place for you to go and have so much fun with paper!

TIP: some of the DIY kits available can also be covered in paper instead of fabric, this is the course for you to understand all the important differences and creating unique projects. Personally I love the "box on a box" project!

Making fabric tray/basket - what a great project to make. If you want to start from a DIY kit or just start from the scratch cutting your own chipboard, this course will have all that you need. Making it as a Easter (or Halloween) basket is a great idea for sure!

TIP: the unique shape of this tray can be a little bit challenging to cut by hand at first, but with time and patience you will do it, or, use your discount and start from the DIY kit to be even more fun.

Make it! - do you like "live videos"? well, I'm not really fun of live videos and as I asked my students they also prefer when the video is ready to go, with lots of info and they can watch anytime they want! So, that's what I did! In this course I will be adding one new project every other month (I may add more but I can't promise now!!) Different pieces, simple, functional. The first one is already available, a great Fabric Dry erase fridge magnet board! Go see it now!

TIP: I will make sure you will be able to use chipboard around 80 points for the projects, not so hard to cut by hand and fun to make!

Organizing with cartonnage boxes - this course is "Under construction" and the first videos will be added in March. Here is the place where you will become your favorite box designer! I will go from the very beginning of planning, finding the perfect dimensions and all of that! I'm planning to have some challenges in this course what will bring even more fun to everyone!

Keep tuned, because I will also show you how to make the perfect boxes to organize your drawers...best of all, easy, quick, simple and covered in gift paper! Wait to see! March is right on the corner!

TIP: this course will be always under construction as the possibilities to create boxes are endless and some of the projects will have DIY kits only available for members.

Making Fabric covered books - can't wait to have this course available, you will create amazing fabric covered books with no-sewing! First videos will be available in May, 2020.

No sewing required and the books will be so durable and strong that you won't believe you made them.

TIP: This course will be under construction for a while as I have so many ideas for unique different covers..... keep tuned

Your art on Cartonnage Projects - First videos will be available in March, 2020. Here is the place to have so much fun learning how to add your arts to boxes and other projects. Your embroideries, quilts or even painting fabric to create unique projects. You will see how to plan from the beginning and make the project so unique that you will be even more proud of yourself for making!

TIP: this course will not show how to actually make a box (there are other courses showing that in details), here I will show how to plan, and how to do the parts that involve the art pieces.... lot's of fun, I promise!

Other than having unlimited access to all the courses I showed above, once you are a member you can also join our private Community (like a "Facebook group" but not on Facebook and with a lot more advantages!). The community is a great place for us to be connected, have fun, share ideas, pictures, ask questions....members are there waiting for you!

Plus, also as a great bonus, when you are a member you can get discount to buy DIY kits, tools and supplies on ColorWay Arts shop, just pick the coupon code inside the members area (every month that will change - the offer and the code!), and have fun!

And last, and very important. When joining the membership program you are also helping making the World a better place, one box at a time, as 5% of the fee will be donated to some organizations that need support and are making the difference helping people. I will keep you posted on that! Thanks in advance!

So, my suggestion for you: When you are a member, take a first look in all the courses to see which one you will get started (or go directly to the one you want if you already know). Inside the courses you will have lots of videos, great complete printable instructions, templates and everything that you need to get started and create amazing boxes and other cartonnage projects. Also check the DIY kits available and decide if you will start from the scratch or if you will start from DIY kits.

So, here we go, if you are already a member, go check all the amazing content inside the courses, take your time, relax, have fun and feel the great power of crafting in your life!

If you are still unsure if the CLUB is for you, there is more important information here.

You may ask, is that all? No way!! If you know me already you know that my creative mind doesn't stop!! So, I have in mind at least 2-3 other great courses I will be creating in the near future!

I hope to see you inside the members area! Thanks so much for reading and I'm always ready to answer any question!

God bless you! Take care,


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Wendy Telford

March 22, 2021

Hello Claudia – I am still making my box from your week program! I watched your talk with Ali and was very inspired. I am almost finished! In one of the videos you mention an E-Book. Is there a link for that? Many thanks,

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