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The best place to learn cartonnage and make unlimited handmade gifts has arrived - become a member

Do you know what cartonnage is about? It's a great craft technique that turns cardboard, fabric, paper and glue into wonderful, amazing boxes, cases and much more! SO fun to make, great way to use your favorite fabrics (with NO-SEWING) or patterned papers and create unique handmade gifts!

Nice to meet you, I'm Claudia Squio, the cartonnage designer and teacher of ColorWay Arts and I have been teaching this technique for thousands of students in local and online classes and I have BIG news for you today! What was already very good just happened to turn into something even better..... if you want to start making cartonnage projects, have fun making handmade gifts or if you want to improve your skills, you can't miss this..... From now on, my online teaching method is all inside a membership program - JOYFUL CARTONNAGE MEMBERSHIP (Now called JOYFUL CARTONNAGE CLUB)- YES!! It means that you don't need to choose which specific course you want to buy and learn, they are all there, unlimited access for a low-cost monthly fee. See here all the benefits you will get once you become a member! You can also see a video with more information at the end of this post.

The Membership has two parts:

1) The first part is the course material where you will have access to 10+ of my online courses, with lots of video tutorials, printable instructions, templates. Some of them are under construction what means new content will be added periodically.

2) The second and a great part also is making friends passionate for the same craft as you are! I have made wonderful friends since I started this Cartonnage journey, and I'm inviting you to join us, share our love for Cartonnage and get inspired! The community is a separate and secure website (not on Facebook) and you will be invited to join us as soon as you become a member!

Having fun and making unique projects in the comfort of your house (may be wearing PJs!), getting discount on the shop and if leaving overseas, finally having access to Claudia's best tutorials are some of the extra benefits of being a member!

Here are the courses already available inside the membership area. Some of them are "under construction" and will be coming soon. More will be added in the future!

Those courses here were already available, some of them were updated recently:

- Making cartonnage fabric boxes - here you learn the basics of box making and will have great video tutorials to make hinged lidded boxes, including an unique fabric jewelry box;

- Making Fabric Traveler's Notebook (TNs): in case you missed my TN week sometime ago, all the videos are inside this course and I just updated with a new "round spine" TN. It's a great project.

- Making paper covered boxes: well, if you want to cover your boxes with paper, then there are lots of important differences in the process.... this course is a complete guide to make your projects covering with paper

- Making a Fabric Folding box - this is an unique box and the video tutorials are so complete and full of details, tips and tricks to make the best handmade gift ever.

- Making a fabric treasure box - what a wonderful box, instructions to make it with or without closure and more details.

- Making reusable fabric journal cover - any size, any embellishment you want. Complete video tutorials and printable instructions to have so much fun making journal covers.

These courses here are new:

The fabric tray/basket - make amazing fabric trays or baskets. This course is completely available now

Organizing with cartonnage boxes - this course will be a great one, you will design your boxes as you have never thought you would.... first video will be available in March, 2020

Making Fabric covered books - can't wait to have this course available, you will create amazing fabric covered books with no-sewing! First videos will be available in May, 2020

Your art on Cartonnage Projects - here is the place to have so many tips and tricks to add embroideries, quilts or even painting fabric to create unique projects - First videos will be available in March, 2020

Make it! - what a great course! In this one you will have a great new tutorial every other month! Different pieces, simple, functional. The first one is already available, a great Fabric Dry erase fridge magnet board! Go see it now!

Special offers for members - that's the place for you to go every month, get your coupon and save money on ColorWay Arts shop to buy DIY kits, tools and supplies!

As soon as you become a member you can see all the courses that already available (and there is a lot of great content there). Even if you already saw some of the courses, there is brand new content that were just added, check the picture below to see what is absolutely new in the member area right now and you can watch today! Keep in mind that will be always something new, and I will let you know by email and on our Community!

As this is a new program, I believe you may have some questions and I will try to make some points more clear here:

What else will I get from being a member?

More than having unlimited access to all my paid online courses and be inside of a great private community you will have closed contact with me, get your questions answered, have extra video tutorials and access to new content every month, you will also get special offers to buy on ColorWay Arts shop. And the best part: you will become your favorite box designer with all dimensions, tips and tricks that you will learn to make the boxes (and other projects) the size you want, for the functionality that you want!

How about the FREE courses you have available?

They will continue being available FREE forever. I didn't include them in the membership program because if you become a member and later decide to cancel your subscription you will not have access to the paid courses anymore, but will continue having the access of the free courses.

What happen if I already bought some of your paid courses?

First of all, thanks a lot for already being part of my online school. The courses you have purchased you have the right to keep forever. So, if you choose not to be a member, you will continue having access to those courses. But to have access to new content, new courses then you will have to be a member. In case later you decide to cancel your subscription, then you will still have access to the courses you already purchased separately.

Can I buy courses separately?

Not anymore. From now on, the focus is on the membership program, content will be added periodically on several courses and it's not possible to buy them separately.

What happen with the DIY kits you have available?

DIY kits are available on my shop. If you are not a member, you can still buy them just take a look if it's not marked as "Members only". If it is a members only DIY kit it means that the instructions are videos inside the members area. If you are a member, you have discount to buy on my shop, remember to grab the coupon code inside the members area before placing your order. On the courses you have access if you are a member, you will have the dimensions to make the projects so, you can have extra fun, cut your own cardboard and start from the scratch.

Why did you change to the membership subscription program?

Because I believe it's the best thing for all of us! You will have access to lots of more content than today, your big problem from now on will be deciding which amazing project to make as your next handmade gift! And for me.... well, I will be more connected with you and will have more freedom to use all my creativity to actually focus on create, share and inspire more and more people that can feel the amazing good power of crafting in their lives.

When do I have access to the courses?

Immediately after becoming a member. You will receive one email with all information on how to access the courses and request to join the new community!

What happen if I cancel my subscription?

Well, it will be sad to see you leaving the program, but I know personal reasons happen, and there is no question, it's easy, you just go inside your account and cancel it. You will not have access to the courses and community anymore and are welcome to come back and join us again anytime you want.

So, what are you waiting for?? I can't wait to welcome you inside the membership program. We will have SO much fun together. This program will be very interactive, we will be connected inside the courses and inside the private community! Check it out, the Club opens only a few times in a year, so, if it's not opened now, add your name to the waitlist to be the first to know when opens again.

Click here for more information and become a member

I'm here to answer any of your questions!



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