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Cartonnage starter kit_ tools and DIY kits


This is a great CARTONNAGE STARTER KIT. Included in the kit you will have all basic cartonnage tools (4 acrylic spacers, 1 metal corner miter tool, 1 plastic spatula), plus one DIY kit to make a single box and a DIY kit to make two mini sewing kits (as shown in pictures). Fabric is not included. The instructions to make the box and the mini sewing kit are in a Free eBook that you can click here to download to your computer.

If you want to get started in cartonnage, this is the perfect option, you will get the tools and simple projects to make! If you are already having so much fun making your boxes, this product can be a great gift you can give to a friend get started in cartonnage! Using the tools will save your time and make your boxes, books, albums, covers with great professional finishing. They are very functional, quick and easy to use!

The tools included in this starter kit are: plastic spatula, metal corner miter tool and 4 acrylic spacers (5, 6, 9 mm and 15 mm - 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 9/16") that helps you to have correct spacing between cardboard pieces when you are making some projects, like boxes, books and covers and the plastic spatula that help us to fold the fabric or paper and smooth it on the cardboard.

Some ideas of projects to use with different spacers: 5 mm (3/16") - great to make boxes specially if covering with thin fabric or paper. Also great if using chipboard or book board thinner than 100 points. Recommended by traditional box makers. 6 mm (1/4") - great to make boxes using 100 points chipboard, thick fabric. Can also be used for lots of other projects like sewing kits and other pieces that needs movement. 9 mm (3/8") - great to have correct space when making albums, mini albums, hardcover books, binders (this is the space recommended by Kathy King for her albums) 15 mm (9/16") - great to trim fabric or paper around the piece, and also great to make some covers. More than that, all spacers can be used combined giving you extra dimensions and spaces between pieces. Plus, if the spacer is used in the "standing" position, it will be 3 mm (1/8") and can be another great spacer used to make some folding pieces (like my surprise box). Fabric and other content shown in the pictures are not included.

DIY KITS included:

- The mini sewing kits: The finished sewing kit will be 4" x 2.5" closed. Important: You will need to add your favorite fabric, small pieces of kraft paper, and tiny pieces of: batting, elastic and ribbon. The sewing notions you see in the pictures are not included! You will be able to add a small scissors, thread, pins and needles. For making the mini sewing kits you will need this pack of kits, your favorite fabric (with 2 coordinating fat quarters you will make the 3 of them), scissors, white PVA glue (Glue All - Elmer's), kraft paper, paint brush, roller paint, masking tape, paper awl or other hole punch, small pieces of batting, ribbon and elastic.

- The single box: The finished box will be 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" x 4 3/4". Can be used as a pencil box, sewing notions box and for so many other purposes. For making the box you will need this kit, two coordinating scraps of fabrics, glue, rotary cutter, cutting board, a small paint roller with tray, paint brush, scissor and masking tape. 

Customer Reviews

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Paula Spychala

I purchased the sequin glitter card stock. It is lovely! It came quickly and was very well packed.

Diane Nilsson

its all great and just what I needed

Pat Huttenga
Starter pack

I loved my visit to your Grand Haven Store
So many projects to snooze from
I purchases the starter pack that included tools and 2 projects
Finished the box this weekend
Can’t wait to return for another project

Starter kit

This starter kit is exactly what you need to get started with this unique hobby. I love that the pieces are already cut to the correct size, it makes it so easy to begin.

So excited to start

I just got this great kit in the mail, I have been watching your videos for a while, and have been making a few things myself, but so excited for the tools and to try a kit, you make it all so simple. Thank you.