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Fabric covered boxes for Mother’s Day

I would like to share with you some beautiful and unique fabric covered boxes I made using cartonnage technique for Mother's Day (a few years ago!). I made one for me, one for my mom and another one for my mother-in-law! Look how personal we can make our boxes and in this case using pictures that I have printed on fabric in my inkjet printer.

First of all, I used my hand dyed fabric, but of course commercial fabrics are good for this as well!

Then, the first step for me was to hand dyed the fabric and I did that in one cold day here in Michigan, using the snow dyeing technique I learned with Sue Cortese.

Here are the fabrics I got from my snow dyeing process:

With my fabrics ready to go, then I printed my pictures on my inkjet printer (these are my lovely kids, Clara and Lucas!)

I decided to make small boxes that I also have available as a kit with all pieces of chipboard and poster board precut in the sizes to make it. Written instructions and video showing how to make this fabric covered box are available in my free online course Joy of Cartonnage.

Next step was to cut the fabric and pictures with the sizes I needed for the boxes and sew to put them together:

Then, I did some free motion quilt on the final pieces that were already in the size I needed to cover the outside of my boxes.

Then, with all the materials ready, it was time to make the boxes! Yeah! So fun!!

And here we go! Beautiful unique fabric covered boxes for Mother’s Day!

Let me also use this opportunity to share the little books I made for myself about four years ago for Mother’s Day! They are also unique and I made them also using pictures that I have printed on fabric and using the bookbinding technique I made the handmade books….aren’t they also unique? (How can the kids grow so fast??!!)

I hope you enjoyed and next time you want a unique gift for a loved one you may consider making a personal fabric covered box using Cartonnage technique!

More info for making fabric covered boxes using cartonnage in my free online course Joy of Cartonnage! Or, join us in the Joyful Cartonnage Club to have even more fun and make wonderful gifts the size you want, adding your arts, using your favorite fabrics and be part of the exclusive community and get discounts and gifts from the Rewards Program!

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4 Responses

Valerie Penton

February 25, 2021

I’m new to box covering with fabric. I am a quilter so I have plenty of 100% cotton to use . I can’t wait to get started!

Cindy Black

February 25, 2021

Very cool Claudia! Love the fabric and the boxes with the kids photo are priceless! Love!

Dana Monaco

February 25, 2021

The fabric came out absolutely gorgeous!

Dana Monaco

February 25, 2021

That fabric came out gorgeous!

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