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Christmas is coming, and handmade gifts are always a great idea! More than having so much fun making the projects, your loved ones will appreciate that handmade gift made by you! It will make it so much more special.

Handmade gifts

If you are a fabric lover, the ideas presented here will be a great option for you. They are all made with your favorite fabrics with NO-SEW, using a technique called “Cartonnage” (car-ton-ahj) that is a traditional technique of making decorative boxes using cardboard, fabric and glue. With the same technique we can make much more than boxes, check all the beautiful cases, books and much more in the pictures.

Making the fabric boxes and other projects is SO fun, you can start from the scratch or from unique DIY kits that contain all the cardboard pieces pre-cut to make the projects, so, no worries about cutting heavy chipboard, it’s all there ready for you to have fun with your favorite fabrics following detailed printable color picture instructions (most of the times, so DIY kits have video tutorials instead).

Christmas craft ideas

The possibilities of making gifts using cartonnage are endless…. From simple and small gifts to more special or sophisticated ones, they are all one-of-a-kind gifts that can be personalized according to the person you are making it for!

Simple gift ideas – starting from the scratch

Quick and easy to make, you can make a variety of simple gifts for stocking, personalize them to give to teachers, or even great simple gift ideas for coworkers or Secret Santa. Most of the projects you can see in the picture below you can make reusing cereal box! So, choose the fabric that will be great for the person you want to make it for and start having fun! All those projects have detailed tutorials or videos in this FREE online course.... from fabric cards, gift card holders, bookmarks to sewing kits and single boxes there are 16 unique projects inside the course waiting for you! All unique and fun to make!

Unique personalized gifts - from DIY kits

If you are looking to make even more personalized and unique gifts, instead of using cereal boxes or cutting your own cardboard, you can start from DIY kits that have all the pieces of cardboard, poster board and some times hardware included to make unique handmade gifts that you will hardly believe you made yourself! Your loved ones will be so impressed with the quality and professional looking of those fabric boxes and cases! Again, no sewing required and you will use your favorite fabrics, so it’s also time to check your stash….so many of the projects can be done using 2 fat quarters!! Yes, if you are a fabric lover, I’m sure you have some at home, right?

The projects below were made from the DIY kits you can find in this unique shop. Check the variety of options, there are now over 40 different DIY kits to choose from….. with different prices to fit all budgets! More on the way, I’m always designing new projects!

DIY Christmas decoration

More than making special gifts with cartonnage you can also make some unique decoration for your house. The “Cartonnage fabric Nativity Set”, the Christmas Sign, Tray, Surprise box are great options for you to renew the decoration for Christmas while having so much fun making it! Plus, it will be a pleasure to reuse it every year! The DIY kits are also available on my shop and the Nativity Set is the only one that includes fabric, as this one is a unique fabric (which is a full panel!)



If you like this idea, want to have lots of fun creating wonderful handmade gifts. There is a Christmas gifts collection, where we added our best-sellers DIY kits, the ones that so many have made to give to their loved ones so far, so I invite you to check our this collection in our  online shop to see the variety of beautiful and unique handmade gifts you can make for Christmas or any other occasion using your favorite fabrics with no-sew!

If you want to learn cartonnage online or in a local class, check my website. 

If you have any question, or want to share your experience with us, I will love to hear from you. 

Happy gluing!


1 Response

Roxene Hawkins

October 25, 2020

Have just received my order. Wow, blown away by how quick it arrived to Australia and packed in individual re-sealable bags inside of a sturdy box.
Thank you so much, you really care about the people that order your goods. I definitely will be ordering again and telling others of great, prompt service.
Thank you, again.
Roxene (Australia)

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