Meet the teachers

We are a passionate group of teachers that love sharing our favorite cartonnage creative ideas and projects with other craft lovers!


Claudia started teaching in 2014, and since them, have taught lots of local classes for hundred of fabric lovers. During this time, some of the students that took local or online classes from Claudia got prepared and trained for their next step..... teach cartonnage using ColorWay Arts method and DIY kits. So now, we are proud to have cartonnage local classes in a few different places. We hope you join us for a fun class and get home excited with your brand new cartonnage project.


  For more information, you can contact directly the teacher that teaches near to you!  

Claudia Squio.jpg

I'm the founder of ColorWay Arts, the cartonnage designer and I have been teaching local and online classes since 2014. I love sharing my passion with fabric/paper lovers! Making fabric boxes and all other kind of cartonnage projects is so relaxing, fun and full of Joy. I usually teach a few classes per year in Michigan and Indiana, and I'm so excited to see some of my students starting their journey of teaching and spreading this wonderful art with others!  I hope I can see you soon! 

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Grand Haven,  MI



My journey begins with a discovery.  For me there are no mistakes, only creative opportunities! My art is playful, I use an array of fabrics, hand & machine stitches, embellishments, acrylics, oils, inks, dyes & stains, and cartonnage is just a great fit to all of these fun arts. Sharing who I am and what I love through teaching others feeds my artistic soul & motivates me to elasticize all boundaries. 

For more info about her classes, contact:   hodgelynn5@gmail.com 


Indianapolis, IN

Marita Edler picture.jpg

A former Speech Pathologist and Business Administrator who has had a lifelong passion for all things fabric and fiber related and has taught needlework related projects for the Embroiderers Guild of America, Indianapolis Chapter and enjoys sharing her passion with others, whether it is a one-on-one setting or in a group--adults or children. From the discovery of the first Colorway Arts Cartonnage kit she made in 2016 (a small notebook) until now, she has been excited with each unique piece.  Cartonnage is a craft to be shared with everyone who loves to work with beautiful fabrics, papers, threads and fibers.  Cartonnage will take you on a journey of endless creativity.

For more info about her classes, contact:   heartnsew@aol.com 


Tampa, FL


I am a  Hair Stylist and decided to work out of my home salon 20 years ago. This allowed me to take care of 11 grandchildren at the same time. I love quilting, scrapbooking, things that you put together.  So when I discovered  CARTONNAGE I had to do all the kits, one at a time! I call this "MY THERAPY " Each new project I do becomes my favorite! So...I decided to teach my friends this wonderful Technique of making Boxes covered with fabrics. The kits that Claudia designed make it easy to teach. 

For more info about her classes, contact: vironicamoser@gmail.com


Saline, MI


Milton, DE


While on Pinterest one day, I saw a beautiful handmade bowl that I just had to make for myself.  It was made with paper board and covered with fabric.  It was a challenge, but I figured it out.  Six years later I’m still using my bowl!  Little did I know, but I had just made my first Cartonnage item!  Almost two years ago I found Claudia, also
on Pinterest.  I have learned so much from her, her kits and her on-line classes.  She inspired me to pursue teaching.  I’m on an exciting Journey with Cartonnage!

For more info about her classes, contact: 57ceblack@gmail.com


Canton, OH


I am Judy Lattavo from Canton, OH and Tucson, AZ.  I have been “ cartonnaging” for three years.  My first exposure to the process was in Tucson and while not the best of classes it was good enough for me to investigate other options and there she was - Claudia!  What a wonderful resource and mentor she has been!

For more info about her classes, contact: jmanlat@aol.com


Fishers, IN


I have been doing cartonnage for several years. I first met Claudia at a local craft show and my curiosity was piqued and I attended my first class soon thereafter. From that day on, I was hooked.  I am an attorney by day  but I love how  doing cartonnage makes me feel—it’s a break from cerebral activity and stress, a chance to work with my hands, to focus on the beauty of colorful fabrics, and create one-of–a kind, functional and decorative items for my home and as gifts for family and friends.  What is so wonderful about cartonnage, and what fuels my passion for teaching it so others can learn, is that it is simple (everyone can succeed), the tools and materials are inexpensive, and the possibilities are endless.  Even if everyone makes the same project, the choices of fabric and embellishments make each piece as individual as the creator (or the gift recipient). I have made hundreds of projects and attended dozens of classes and each one has brought me as much joy as my first.  I am so excited to introduce cartonnage to a wide range of individuals so they can fall in love with the technique also!

For more info about her classes, contact: Jan.Michelsen@ogletree.com