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Cartonnage tools set of spacers and spatula_corner tool NOT included


This is a set of cartonnage tools (ONLY ACRYLIC SPACERS AND SPATULA, check options for corner tools on the end of this description). Using these spacers will save your time and make your books, albums, boxes, covers very well finished and with standard spaces between pieces of cardboard. They are very functional, quick and easy to use!

The tools included in this set are: 4 acrylic spacers (5, 6, 9 mm and 15 mm - 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 9/16") that helps you to have correct spacing between cardboard pieces when you are making some projects, like boxes, books and covers and the plastic spatula that help us to fold the fabric or paper and smooth it on the cardboard. Some ideas of projects to use with different spacers: 5 mm (3/16") - great to make boxes specially if covering with thin fabric or paper. Also great if using chipboard or book board thinner than 100 points. Recommended by traditional box makers. 6 mm (1/4") - great to make boxes using 100 points chipboard, thick fabric. Can also be used for lots of other projects like sewing kits and other pieces that needs movement. 9 mm (3/8") - great to have correct space when making albums, mini albums, hardcover books, binders (this is the space recommended by Kathy King for her albums) 15 mm (9/16") - great to trim fabric or paper around the piece, and also great to make some covers. More than that, all spacers can be used combined giving you extra dimensions and spaces between pieces. Plus, if the spacer is used in the "standing" position, it will be 3 mm (1/8") and can be another great spacer used to make some folding pieces (like my surprise box).

IMPORTANT NOTE: this set of tools DO NOT include any corner miter tool. If you are looking for a corner miter tool to complete your set of tools, check the tools section of the shop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Debora Johnson

Very handy tools to have to help complete my boxes. Arrived very quickly, as promised. And now that I have all these spacers, I’m looking forward to doing more projects where I need them.

Lily D
Great Tools

Very well made tools for precision work and great project finish

Donna Taylor
Spacers and spatula

I love them, they work perfectly. I had to also order your corner tool, I just couldn't cut them good enough on my own.


Bought this for my book making and it is perfect. Now I am ordering and working on boxes too! It must be a glue thing!!!

Stephanie Selmer
Well thought Out Tools

These spacers are brilliant. So many uses beyond cartonnage! Thank you for sharing what in hindsight is the obvious tool.