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Metal 2 in 1 trim & miter tool, corner miter tool long, metal miter and trim tool


This is a cartonnage tool that must to be your new "toy"! It's so functional and clever! It's called 2 in 1, but actually it has more functions than that! It will save your time when making books, albums, boxes, covers and your pieces will be very well finished and with great corners. Note: you will still love your small metal corner tool if you have one, you will see that there are projects you will prefer one over another.....

The new 2 in 1 trim & miter tool is made in stainless steel, it means it will last forever. It helps you to cut the fabric/paper at the corners on Cartonnage, bookbinding and scrapbook projects AND also trim the excess of paper/fabric around your project for a perfect finishing. This new 2 in 1 tool can also be used as an additional spacer 19mm (3/4") wide. The tool is 9" long.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  check the tools section of the shop to see other related products (set of acrylic spacers with spatula and small metal corner tool) and decide what is the best option to fit your necessities

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Mary Thompson
The Right Tool

There’s nothing like the right tool to make your project easier and make it look professional. This tool is the right tool.

Theresa Lasyone
Trim & Miter tool

I absolutely Love this tool!!! It's a game changer for me. Now I have perfect corner cuts, and my book corners are much easier to fold perfect.. AWESOME TOOL. Every crafter needs this in their craft room.

Manuela Paykis
Metal 2 in 1 trim and miter took

Wonderful tool! It makes the corners so neat and the project very clean. I love it!

Carole Whitted
Metal 2 in 1 trim & miter tool

I have only used this for spacing so far, but it feels good in the hand and has weight enough to use comfortably and cut against.

Satisfied customer
Love it

Really have enjoyed the metal ruler , it makes bookmaking easier and more squared.