CARTONNAGE FABRIC BOXES with fat quarters - PRE-SALE (sold out) - Colorway Arts

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CARTONNAGE FABRIC BOXES with fat quarters - PRE-SALE (sold out)

Making cartonnage fabric boxes is SO fun! With this amazing technique we are able to make so many different kinds of boxes and other projects, all using our favorite fabrics with no-sewing required!

Cartonnage DIY kits - the new collection
The beautiful fabric covered boxes are made using cardboard, fabric, glue and other simple materials. To make cartonnage boxes you can start the project from the very beginning designing and then cutting the thick chipboard and other papers required and then building the boxes, or you can skip this hard step of cutting heavy chipboard and having fun choosing your favorite fabric and starting from DIY kits will all pieces of cardboard already pre-cut in the right sizes to make the unique boxes. That's the case of this New Collection of boxes - DIY kits with online instructions.

Now let me explain to you the new ColorWay Arts DIY Kits Collection – Cartonnage fabric boxes - Fun with Fat Quarters! It’s a great set of fabric boxes that were designed to be:

· Fun to make!

· Great handmade gifts

· Beautiful and functional boxes

· Perfect size to be made with fat quarters

· SO unique, never sold in stores, made BY YOU!

· Full of new cartonnage steps, what means you will learn a lot from each of them.

So, the fabric boxes of this new collection are:

- The Small Elegant Window box

- The Fabric spinning box

- The Desk clock organizer

The DIY kits to make these wonderful boxes were on PRE-SALE (sold out for now). Limited quantities were available at this time and this was a great opportunity for you to be the first to make the 3 new projects, having so much fun learning a money! Want more? Yes.... then check the options for the instructions! In this event you were also able to order the printed instructions (paying way less than in your local printing store) so you can start making your boxes as soon as you receive the kits! Orders will be shipped starting on October 21, 2019.

IMPORTANT: In this PRE-SALE event, you will buy the bundle of the 3 DIY kits with a great discount! In case you don't want the 3 of them, you will need to wait until the kits start selling separate in November, and buy them separately for their normal prices. Before deciding, let me tell you that each project has something really unique in the process of making, if you don't make them all, you will miss the fun!

Let’s see some details of each project:

The small elegant window box (DIY Kit 173) is a perfect box with a window in the lid, to keep your little treasures, or for tea bags, thread holders or even Essential oils. Just a few ideas, you can use it for a lot more.

The finished size of this box is 6 ¼” x 3 ¾” x 3 ½”. Take a look at some pictures:

The fabric spinning box (DIY Kit 174) is an unique "spinning" box made with your favorite fabric! 2 fat quarters to be more exact! Isn't great?

The finished size of this box is 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 6" . Take a look at the video below to see how it really spins!

The Desk clock organizer (DIY Kit 175) is a great way to organize your notions and other stuff on your desk and know what time is it! Just too beautiful and unique to be only in your desk! Choose a neutral fabric and make one for you husband, or for your son! That's a great handmade gift.

The finished size of this box is 8 ½” x 4” x 5” . See the picture below.

Instructions? Yes! They are included. You go online and download from the website to your computer. Very completed written instructions with tons of colored pictures, no steps missing! BUT, just for this PRE-SALE event, you will have the opportunity to also order the printed instructions to make the 3 projects (over 100 pages, more than 500 pictures!), already printed in a great quality and in one spiral binding, so, when you receive your happy mail, it's just the fun of starting your projects! If you usually print the instructions to follow along, don't miss this opportunity! You will pay half of what you would pay at your local printing store, and it will arrive in your home with the kits! So, choose this option when buying the collection.

Now that this sale is over, for more details and to buy the DIY kits separately click here to check my online shop. These kits will be available in November, 2019.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thanks and have fun making wonderful cartonnage fabric boxes!


The kits are available separately on my shop.

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