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Joyful Cartonnage Club


Imagine yourself having so much fun crafting, relaxing, and using your favorite fabrics and other simple materials to make wonderful, no-sew fabric boxes and other projects for yourself, or for family & friends as great handmade gifts! This is CARTONNAGE and you can start making them today in the comfort of your own home. It’s simple and easy. 
Join our Cartonnage Club to start making them following unique tutorials, from the basics to more advanced, including learning how to make the projects to fit your needs!
 Members also get great discounts and gifts from our Loyalty program, and connect with lots of cartonnage lovers in our Cartonnage Club private community and in our bi-monthly virtual meetings!


• want to have fun and create unique handmade gifts that your family and friends will love so much and feel that you care and love them
• are ready to get started in the world of fabric box making, and don't know how to do it
• are looking to improve your cartonnage skills and become your own box designer.
• want to connect and make friends and be inspired by lots of other cartonnage lovers around the world.
• have questions about any aspects of cartonnage. Claudia will answer them all directly!
• want to save money receiving special discounts as a ‘Club Awesome’ member 
•would like to have the best benefits from our Loyalty program. You’ll receive points for every dollar you spend that can be redeemed for discounts and special shop offers.


Joyful Cartonnage Club


$19.99/month +tax

• Full content access with tutorials/dimensions

• Exclusive events/products

• Virtual bi-monthly meetings



$27.99/month +tax

• Full content access with tutorials/dimensions

• Exclusive events/products

• Virtual bi-montly meetings

• 10% OFF in the shop

• Loyalty Program with double points (shop & club fee) to be exchange by discounts

• Loyalty Program with special rewards options members (including Free shipping and Free product)

• Buy more, save more with exclusive discounts for members

• Exclusive discounts for courses/events


The Club Has 3 Parts


A place to have access to complete tutorials of  80+   unique projects (as of January 2024).  More courses & projects are added periodically. Scroll down or check this page to see all the projects included.


A place to make friends who are as passionate as you are about the Cartonnage craft! I’ve made wonderful friends since I started this journey and I invite you to join us and share your love for fabrics and Cartonnage, and get inspired! Our community is accessible through a separate and secure website (not through Facebook), and you’ll be invited to join us as soon as you become a member!


A place to get discounts when you buy our DIY kits, tools, and supplies, choose your gifts, and accumulate points through our Loyalty program. Members always get 10% off purchases from our Colorway Arts Shop, plus "Awesome" members get other special rewards and offers.


• A place to have fun creating amazing special memorable gifts using cartonnage technique, with full support from Claudia and her team

• Unlimited access to 20+ cartonnage complete online courses, with 80+ unique projects (new ones are added periodically)

• Exclusive lessons to guide you on your cartonnage journey (videos, templates and some written instructions), including the method of designing the projects

• Participation in Annual Workshop and National Cartonnage Day - online events with unique projects and bonus

• A place to ask questions, post your projects and receive feedback

• Connections with cartonnage lovers that live near and far away

• A community network open to members only, where you'll find a secure, welcoming environment (not on Facebook)

•Bi-Monthly virtual meetings to be connected with other members, ask questions, have fun, show and tell and learn with occasional tutorials and special guests

• Members-only special products (DIY kits and supplies) in the shop

• 10% OFF to buy DIY kits, supplies and tools (For "Club Awesome" plan)

• Buy more, save more with special offers and discounts for best-seller kits
• Special discounts to be part of other courses and events, like Cartonnage retreats 

• Get points for every $ spent in the membership fee and on the shop and exchange the points for discounts (Club Basic get normal points, Club Awesome get double points)



Chest of Drawers

Fabric Embellished Books

Kindle Cases

The Tool Box

Charging Station

The Round Suitcase

Cantilever Box

Cigar Box

Dutch Door Box



Choose Your Plan

Select a monthly or annual plan and become a member.

Start Making Projects

Follow step by step instructions and choose your favorite projects and start making them with your favorite fabrics with no sewing. 

Get Rewarded

Receive special discounts and gifts using your rewards. You can make projects from scratch, but if you want to buy DIY kits, tools and supplies you will get discounts with the Loyalty program. 

Grow Your Skills

Get inspired and share what you make. Keep improving with each project. Make friends and get support from our cartonnage private community.

Handmade Gifts

Give the most beautiful gifts! Make personalized gifts for family & friends, feeling joy and happiness, and make them feel special.


"Made a drawer box for a freind's 70th. I was able to match with my medium supreme hinded lid box. So beautifully coordinated!"
Grace B.

"This weekend I spent my free time making both sizes of the supreme hinged lid box. Again, I'm very pleased with the results and so appreciate the DIY kits. Claudiia Squio your designs are genius."
Barbara G.

"This is a gift for a friend of mine for her birthday. Sure hope she likes pink!!"
Sandy B.

"So I thought I was done with the cigar box... well, I decided to make a mini cigar box to fit inside."
Kim Z.

"My hubby said, "Oh, you're making a Halloween box!" I said, "Nooooo, I'm making a cat lover's box!"
Gail L.

"OMG. I might just be hooked on these "cookbook" journals. I love them.
Lissa M.



I'm Claudia Squio, a Brazilian-American artist living in West Michigan and I help fabric lovers creating special memorable gifts using Cartonnage - the traditional art of making boxes covered with fabric or paper. I design uniquely beautiful fabric boxes and cases, and teach this amazing technique at quilt stores, quilt guilds, and through my online cartonnage school. I authored the book “Cartonnage Basics & Beyond – The Complete Guide to Make Fabric Boxes”. Besides creating my distinctive cartonnage pieces and teaching, I also develop DIY kits and tools that can be used by my students to have fun, feel the relaxing power of crafting, and to facilitate the process of fabric box/gift making.


Zoom Meetings

Link and Replays

Cartonnage Club Open House 2023 - Members Only

Let's make beautiful fabric boxes

Online Cartonnage Retreat 2022 (member's only)

Let's make the Double Fabric Tool Box

Designing Your Cartonnage Boxes

Have even more fun designing and making the box sizes you want!

Organizing with Cartonnage Boxes

Make unique cartonnage boxes to organize beauty!

National Cartonnage Day 2022 - Member's Only

Let's have fun making gift baskets and lidded boxes

Fabric Treasure Chest Plus

With hidden compartment

Making Fabric Traveler's Notebook (TN)

Learn how to make beautiful and functional fabric travelers notebooks

Fabric Cartonnage Workshop 2022 - Member's Only

Let's make the beautiful fabric cigar box with NO-SEWING using Cartonnage techniques

Online Cartonnage Retreat 2021 - Member's Only

Create a beautiful and funtional fabric cantilever organizer

Fabric Cartonnage Week 2020

Make beautiful fabric projects with NO-SEWING using Cartonnage techniques (Member's Only)

Making Cartonnage Fabric Boxes

Have fun making Fabric Boxes that are great gifts! (No sewing required)

Make It

Let's make unique cases, boards, fabric boxes - simple to make and great handmade gifts

Dream It - and Make It - The Cartonnage Design Challenge

Members designing a box collectively - Annual Challenge

Cartonnage Design Challenge 2022 - My Favorite Class

Round Cartonnage Suitcase

Create a beautiful and funtional fabric cartonnage box or suitcase

Mystery Glue Along

Make your unique cartonnage fabric box

Cork on Cartonnage Projects

How to make beautiful cartonnage projects covered with cork fabric

Cartonnage Fabric Folding Box

Have so much fun making unique surprise fabric boxes with no-sewing

Making a Fabric Treasure Box

Learn how to make a unique fabric box, a Treasure box, using cartonnage techniques. Great Gift!

Making a Reusable Fabric Journal

Learn how to make a unique reusable fabric journal cover

Making a Fabric Tray/Basket

Make a unique cartonnage fabric tray and basket using your favorite fabrics

Making Paper Covered Books

Learn how to make beautiful and funtional cartonnage paper covered boxes

Making Fabric Embellished Books

Make unique fabric cartonnage books

Your Art on Cartonnage Projects

Add your art (quilts, emroideries, paintings) to your projects

Carry All Purse/box


Club Awesome Monthly - best choice

Access to new content and ENTIRE library of past projects, and all other benefits including 10% off in the shop and special Loyalty Program rewards with extra offers and discounts.

Stay with us for as long as you want, you can cancel anytime.

This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.



Club Awesome Annual - save money

Access to new content and ENTIRE library of past projects, and all other benefits including 10% off in the shop and special Loyalty Program rewards with extra offers and discounts.

Stay with us for as long as you want, you can cancel anytime, but refunds are only given within 15 days of the payment.

This is a subscription product billed on a yearly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.



Club Basic Monthly

Access to new content and ENTIRE library of past projects, community and meetings.  (No shop discounts - except for buying in more quantities. No special Loyalty Program)

Stay with us for as long as you want, you can cancel anytime.

This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.