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Fabric frame DIY kit, fabric frame to add your art, cartonnage kit 161, video tutorial included

Make a fabric frame to show up and hang your art (quilt, needlework, painting, drawing) or make it as a chalk or cork board. So many options, great idea for handmade gifts! This DIY cartonnage Kit comes with the cardboard you need to make your own fabric frame, as shown in the pictures. The pieces of cardboard are precut in the right sizes you need for this project. The finished frame will be 10" x 12". No worries about cutting paper! Fabric and other contents showed in pictures are not included.

THIS KIT IS FOR THE FABRIC FRAME ONLY, you will use it for your arts! NOTE: This frame is permanent, you will not be able to remove your art later. VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! You will make this frame in an easy and fun way following the video that is inside my FREE online course Joy of Cartonnage.  In this free course you will also learn how to make lots of other simple projects with fabric, paper and glue! Fun! The video is very complete, detailed with lots of ideas and suggestions of how to use it.

For making the fabric frame you will need this kit, two pieces of fabric (11" x 13"), ribbon (6"), paper awl or another hole punch, glue (Glue All from Elmer's) or acid free white PVA glue - Lineco, paint brush, roller paint, masking tape, scissors and  cartonnage tools that you will find in the tools section of the shop. Then, you will need your art, or a small piece of chalk vinyl or cork.