Add a great and functional fabric framed mirror to your fabric boxes! That's an unique addition!


This  DIY cartonnage Kit comes with the mirror and all cardboard you need to make your own fabric framed mirror, as shown in the pictures. The pieces of paper (chipboard and poster board) are precut in the right sizes you need for this project. The finished framed mirror will be  5 3/4" x 4 3/4". No worries about cutting paper! Fabric and other contents showed in pictures are not included. THIS KIT IS FOR THE FABRIC FRAMED MIRROR ONLY, DIY KITS TO MAKE FABRIC BOXES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.


There is a video on the course showing how to make and apply this mirror to the boxes. 


For making the fabric framed mirror you will need this kit,  one small piece of fabric (7" x 6"), glue (Glue All from Elmer's), paint brush, masking tape, scissor, cartonnage tools (link below), doubled sided tape. 

Fabric framed mirror