Making fabric covered boxes it's so fun and the final boxes are unique handmade gifts! You can make your own fabric boxes, cases and much more out of paperboard, fabric and glue with this lovely craft!! And your pieces will be sturdy as wood, but made with your favorite fabric!


This  DIY cartonnage Kit comes with all cardboard you need to make your own box with dividers, as shown in the pictures. Great for tea bags, coffee cups or whatever you want to use it for. The pieces of paper (chipboard and poster board) are precut in the right sizes you need for this project. The finished box will be  8 3/4 x 7 x 4 1/4 inches. Using the dividers the box is great for tea bags  or small coffee machine cups. For K-cups, you don't need to use the dividers and the box fits 24 of them. With this DIY kit there is no worries about cutting paper! Fabric, tassels, tags and other contents showed in pictures are not included.


To make this box you can follow the videos of box making including in the online course, or follow the color picture instructions available online using the password that is inside the kit.

For making the box you will need this kit, two coordinating fabrics (1/2 yard each), glue, rotary cutter, cutting board, a small paint roller with tray, paint brush and masking tape. Cartonnage tools (spatula, acrylic spacers and corner tool) are required to have better finishing of your project, and you can find them also here in this exclusive shop.

DIY kit (143) - k-cup fabric box (or box with 6 divisions)