This  DIY cartonnage Kit comes with all cardboard you need to make your own small fabric box with hinged lid box, as shown in the pictures. The pieces of paper (chipboard and poster board) are precut in the right sizes you need for this project. The finished box will be  6 2/8 x 4 5/8 x 2 1/4 inches. No worries about cutting paper! Fabric and other contents showed in pictures are not included.


There are videos in the online course showing how to make this box and also the color picture instruction is a very clear PDF tutorial (eBook) with 191 pictures showing in details step by step to guide you through the whole process, no steps missing, no guessing!  


For making the box you will need this kit,  two coordinating fabrics (1 fat quarter each), glue (Glue All from Elmer's), rotary cutter, cutting board, a small paint roller with tray, paint brush, cloth clips, masking tape, scissor and optional tassel or charm. 
Cartonnage tools (spatula, acrylic spacers and corner tool) are required to have better finishing of your project, and you can also find here in this exclusive shop.

DIY kit (102) - Small fabric box