Life is the color you paint it

Coloring boxes, cases, bookmarks...that's so FUN!

OMG, how fun is making pieces using coloring fabric! We have double fun! Making and then coloring them...or giving as a gift for someone else to paint! So fun!

When I saw this coloring fabric for the first time, I was so excited to try it! The first thing I made were some journal covers, but I did them as part of my daughter's birthday party! I gave the fabric for the girls to paint during the party, and then I made the covers.....but that took a while to finish and I just was able to deliver the covers to my daughter's friends some days after the party! Here is the picture of the finished covers, I love to see how different they look!

But now, with this idea things are much better!! We can first make the pieces and then give to people to paint on it! They are not coloring pages, but they are even better! coloring boxes, journal covers, notepad covers, bookmarks or what else your imagination wants to create with cartonnage!! The only thing, as they are made with fabric the recommendation is for coloring them with fabric markers! Here some pictures during the process and the final pieces I made so far...for sure, I will make many more! It's so fun!!

I really love reusing materials and cereal boxes, cracker boxes, even dishwasher soup boxes are great to make bookmarks and other simple pieces. If you haven't try it yet, I have one online free course with lots of ideas for this, you can check it out here.

And then, here are the final pieces!

I hope you enjoyed this project!

Do you want to learn more? Check the classes available here Have fun!

Claudia Squio

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