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We are a group of cartonnage lovers sharing the Joy of Cartonnage with others!

If you are also passionate about making boxes, if you are making them using DIY kits with success and want to join us in this amazing journey of teaching, learn how to become a "Cartonnage Trained Teacher" using ColorWay Arts method and DIY kits.


1) To be able to start teaching cartonnage, you have to be already familiar and comfortable making cartonnage boxes and other project using the DIY kits

2) So that you know how to make the projects very well before start teaching, you need to be a member of the Joyful Cartonnage Club for at least 6 months before you start teaching. 
(If you are doing cartonnage for some time even before joining the Club, you can start teaching prior to the 6 months, but this will need to be discussed with Claudia)

3) How ready are you to teach? Have you talked to a local Quilt shop, inquired at Community centers, at your local library, do you have space in your home? Where do you plan to teach your classes? It is the responsibility of the teacher to secure places for teaching.

4) To maintain teacher's benefits, it's requested that you teach at least 4 classes/year and renew your training fee once a  year.


1) Once you decide to become a teacher, you will need to sign up for the ColorWay Arts "Online Cartonnage Teacher's Training" (link and more info below in the section about steps to become a teacher)

2) When you are part of the group of teachers, you can buy the tools (in bulk) to use in your classes with a special discount (in the ColorWay Arts method of teaching the teacher provides all the tools and share with the students in class - more details will be provided in the online training.)

3) The DIY KITS to be used in class can be purchased in different ways, depending on the plan for teaching:
a) Teachers can buy directly from ColorWay Arts with the discount of 25% - Minimum quantity - 6
b) If teacher has a TAX ID, she can purchase wholesale - Minimum quantity - 12
c) If teaching in a shop, the shop can purchase wholesale and sell to the students - Minimum quantity - 12

4) There is a LIST of the DIY kits that can be purchased with a discount for classes. This list is in the Online Training and new kits can be added to the list when appropriate. 
Important: DIY kits that are exclusive for members of the Cartonnage Club CAN NOT be used in classes.

5) Classes you plan to teach can be added to ColorWay Arts website, or included in newsletter from time to time. ColorWay Arts can help promote the classes, but, ultimately, it is the teacher's responsibility to promote in her local area. Great ways to promote are collecting emails at craft shows, posting on Facebook, fliers in shops, etc. 

6) Teachers have two ways of sharing special "coupon code" from ColorWay Arts, with the students:
a) sharing a code from the Rewards Program -  the student get discount in the shop and the teacher gets points
b) sharing a code made specifically for that class - the student get discount and the teacher will be rewarded accumulating money to get free shipping in the orders.

7) After starting to teach,  the teacher will continue being a member of the Cartonnage Club, club dues will be waived (not the same as teaching fee, see note in the next section) for as long as she keeps teaching at least 4 classes per year. Teachers will be responsible for continued education with online training available.


1)  Learn how to make the project you want to teach, using the DIY kits;

2) Be a current member of the Cartonnage Club;

3) Contact with information about your plan of teaching;

4) Send pictures of the projects you make and want to teach to;

5) Join the "Online Cartonnage Teachers training" - CLICK HERE TO FIND AND JOIN THE COURSE
(Annual teacher's fee is $177.00 to have permission to teach ColorWay Arts materials, method and have full access to teachers discounts and teacher training. You will be required to pay this fee and teach at least 4 classes per year to maintain this teaching agreement).

6) As soon as you start teaching, Cartonnage Club membership fee will be waived for as long as you keep the teaching agreement. You will have full access as a Cartonnage Club member e have access to exclusive tutorials and kits (for yourself, remember, exclusive club member projects will not be available for teaching, only for your learning purposes and personal use).

7) Prepare yourself for teaching, buy the tools, decide on the kits, share info with Claudia and get prepared for lots of fun!

8) With your first order for classes, you will receive a set of 8 spacers (6mm and 15mm), 8 spatulas and 8 small corner tools to use in your classes). 

Any questions? I'm glad to help you decide! 

Thanks so much!
Happy gluing