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Join us to see what Cartonnage is about! You will see a brief demo to understand the process of fabric box making, then I will show a bunch of my favorite boxes and other projects I've made, sharing tips about using fabric, glue and loads of inspiration. It's going to be fun! At the end, some prizes will be given away!

Join me and fabric lovers from all around the world at this Cartonnage Virtual Trunk Show!

Be inspired to start making unique Handmade gifts!

You will see many, many great ideas, most of them quick to make, using simple materials and your favorite fabrics with NO-SEWING!

Masking tape? Why?

Yes, we use masking tape (a lot!) in Cartonnage! Join the Trunk show and I will  explain that to you!

And yes, you can add your arts - quilts and embroideries to the boxes! Absolutely unique. I will show many ideas of that too!


October 20, 2020 - at 4PM  (EST)
Where? On ColorWay Arts Facebook page.
Register to know more details. When you register you also enter to get a chance to win special prizes at the end of the event (you don't need to be live to win, but if the winners are live they will get extra gifts!)

Nice to meet you - I'm Claudia Squio

I've been designing and making cartonnage boxes and other projects for a while, and it feels like forever! I'm the author of the Book Cartonnage Basics & Beyond - the complete guide for fabric box making.

I have a real passion for crafts, especially fabric related, I love the texture, the combinations, but I was never good at sewing (don't tell anyone!), so I found gluing fabric relaxing and wonderful. And, most of all, I LOVE teaching and sharing this amazing technique with thousands of fabric/paper lovers through my local and online classes and my Cartonnage Club.

I'm a Brazilian-American living in Michigan with my wonderful supportive family - husband and two kids. 


One thing that draws me is that I love fabric, so any other way of using it in addition to sewing and quilting appeals to me.
I enjoy the process of creating something from nothing. As one grows older we tend to not learn new things. But learning new crafts stimulates my brain, and enhances my life. We all need to "step out of the bob" we put ourselves into. Thanks for encouraging me and others. 

I like making storage boxes to match my decor, or for gifts to be able to choose what appeals to my friends' taste.

Instant gratification (other than waiting overnight for glue to dry) compared to needlepoint and bead weaving. A great use for my stash of quilting fabric.

How easy it is and fun to do, and ending up with a gorgeous project. I have ways loved boxes. I collected them for years. And fabric has been a large part of what I enjoy so cartonnage was a perfect fit! 

Be part of this FUN! Join us in the FREE Cartonnage Virtual Trunk Show!

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