When you buy a DIY kit to make fabric boxes and cases you can get detailed color picture instructions to make your experience easier and fun! Lots of pics, no steps missing!
 Here you will get these instructions, and you will need the password that is inside the kits to get access to them! If you want to buy a kit, go to my shop!
How to get the instructions?
1) Click on the picture of the project you want to have the instructions.
2) Add the password you found inside the kit you bought
3) You will see another page asking you to click on the picture again
4) You will be able to see the instructions. Feel free to download to your computer!
4) Done! Have fun making your project!
All instructions & pictures are the sole property of Claudia Squio from Colorway Arts
No portion may be copied or shared without the express written permission of Claudia Squio
By entering the password and downloading the instructions you acknowledge that you have bought the selected DIY cartonnage kit and the instructions will be limited to your own personal use. 
If you can't find the one you want or need help please contact me!

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big lidded box.jpg
wine box.jpg
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elegant box.jpg
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