I am a Brazilian food engineer that decided to turn my life into colors working with what I love most since I moved to the US in 2012.


Passionate about fabric and arts I use the Cartonnage and Bookbinding technique to turn paper, fabric and glue into unique handmade boxes, books, cases and much more.


My mission is to create unique, beautiful and functional pieces for students and customers so they can show affection for their loved ones with special handmade gifts.


I have been teaching Cartonnage and Bookbinding classes in Indiana, since 2014. Now living in Michigan, I am also having local classes here.

I hope you enjoy the projects and ideas that I am sharing on this website!


My arts are my life and my passion.

With love,

Claudia Squio - Founder and Artisan of ColorWay Arts.


 If you have a special request or just want to say hi, contact me! I will love hearing from you!