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Making unique boxes and cases in the Cartonnage Club


It's a Club created by Claudia Squio from ColorWay Arts to share her passion for Cartonnage with other cartonnage lovers, it's a place to be creative and have fun with fabric and paper, learn and practice new craft skills, making unique handmade gifts feeling the JOY and SATISFACTION of creating something special for yourself or for loved ones! Also a place to be inspired and connected with others in an online social community of cartonnage lovers and saving money with the Rewards program with specials discounts and gifts.

The CLUB has members from different Countries around the World, and has been a wonderful experience for everybody. Members are creating amazing projects, having fun gluing fabric while making unique handmade gifts.

In the Club, members have access to 12+ complete online courses showing in so many details how to make lots of different projects from the scratch. So, when becoming a member you can make all the projects starting from cutting your chipboard and other materials, or you can take advantage of the discounts as a member and start with DIY kits. Your choice. Inside the members area you will learn how to make the projects in the size you want to fit your needs, and all content is available 24/7, you can make the projects and follow the tutorials at your own pace!

Take a look to see the projects that ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE inside the club, and after I will tell you what do expect inside the members area in the next months.

Course: Making reusable Journal cover (you can make for any size of journal you want!)

Course: Making fabric TN's (traveler's notebook) (you can make for 2 sizes of TN's, with flat or round spine - bonus - printable planner)

Course: Making cartonnage fabric boxes (dimensions to make some sizes of boxes, and directions to make the box of ANY SIZE YOU WANT!)

Course: Making fabric folding box (better call - Making Surprise boxes! Videos showing how to make the "folding box" and eBook showing also how to make the "Etui box" - surprise box)

Course: Making fabric treasure box (Make this unique shape hinged lid box or desk organizer - lots of possibilities for embellishments - and another course will show how to add a quilt or embroidery to the lid of this box)

Course: Making tray/basket (Unique tray or basket great for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, or any occasion!)

Course: Making PAPER covered boxes (This is a great addition to the cartonnage Club! If you are a paper lover, you can cover projects with your favorite patterned papers! This is the course to learn all the differences and start making your unique projects!)

Course: Organizing with cartonnage boxes (This course will be always under construction as the possibilities to organize with cartonnage boxes are endles.... that's the newest course where you will learn how to make projects of any sizes, boxes, drawers, etc)


Course: Add your ART to cartonnage projects (This course is the one to learn how to make the projects even more unique adding your arts (embroideries, quilts and more). The course does not teach to make the arts - it shows how to add your favorite art to the projects)

Course: Fabric covered books

Course: MAKE it! (New unique project added every other month! - So far 2 are available, next one will be available in June, 2020)

Course: Fabric cartonnage Week (This is the course that includes all videos that were available on the Free workshop that happened from June 01-07,2020 plus some bonus - how to make the Iris Folding with fabric, how to make the spinning system and written color picture instructions)

Ok, so those are the projects available and now, let's see what's next in the Club:

June - July, 2020:

August - September, 2020:

October, 2020:

That's a lot..... remember you can make the projects you want, on your own pace, all videos, tutorials, printable instructions, templates are available 24/7 for as long as you stay as a member!

There are more benefits of becoming a member - discounts, gifts, monthly virtual meetings, private community!

I hope you get excited to make the projects! Lots of fun are waiting for you inside the members area of the Club! Registration is open only until Saturday, June 13, 2020 (after that will be closed for a better learning process of the members. Registration will open again later this year probably in October-November).

Click here for more info about the club, and see a "virtual video tour" inside the club

There are so many more possibilities for making cartonnage projects! There is always something new inside the Club and inside the ColorWay Arts!! Keep in touch! Become a member and don't miss anything!

Sweet reminder: you can join us and stay as a member for as long as you want - risk free.

Any questions, let me know!

Much love,


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Kris Smith

September 29, 2020

Made a box yesterday!Loved the whole process!

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