Passionate for fabric and arts, with Cartonnage and Bookbinding techniques I turn paper, fabric and glue into unique handmade boxes, books, cases and much more. I love sharing this craft with thousands of crafter lovers around the World! 

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Complete guide for fabric box making. This book is very well detailed, lots of pictures showing step by step the art of box making, from simple boxes to more advanced ones. Check it out!

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Not sure if having fun with fabric with no-sewing if for you? So, this Free online mini class is for you. Have fun gluing fabric and making bookmarks, thread holders and scissors cases while learning the basics of the technique and how to have great finishing on all of your projects! Get started now!

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How about starting with a complete free eBook that more than having lots of basic information will show you how to make Fabric mini sewing kits and single boxes? It's on my Free online course with lots of other tutorials, sign up now and start having fun right away!

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Marita, US

I have done most of the online courses available. The online courses are very well done and, like all of Claudia’s products, very detailed. Also, she is available to answer questions if you have them and I really appreciate her quick response. You have access to the free and paid classes and videos at any time. ( There’s nothing like taking a Cartonnage course in your jammies—LOL)

Marcia, UK

I absolutely love this product - everything as described, sturdy, light weight, best part one solid piece of metal. Perfect for my smaller projects and to travel with. I was amazed that it arrived in a timely manner considering I do not live in USA. This shop is a delight to work with and looking forward to dealing with them again in the near future - I will definitely reorder if necessary. Looking forward to any future tools that will help me with my crafting needs. GREAT JOB!! Thank you.

Mrs. C. D, US

Fabulous book! If you are interested in learning this beautiful craft, this is the only book you will need to purchase. Outstanding step by step instructions with pictures and on line class tutorials available too! You can also contact the author with questions. She also offers kits to make beautiful items. Most impressive lady. I am blessed to have found her book. Thank you Claudia for sharing yourself and your talent. Blessings.


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